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My process

No one else would be so pretentious as to call copywriting an art—but that suits me just fine. After all, it's precisely that unashamed obsessiveness that marks both my style and my methodology as utterly unmistakable in the market.

I am a phenomenal storyteller, creating content imbued with sincerity, humour, and genuine goodwill for what your organisation is, does, and stands for. My writing can be verbose, vibrant, brimming with vim!—or it can be simple, concise, forthright. But no matter the format, the tone, or the subject, I know what you need—and I get the job done.

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Over video or a coffee, let's have a tête-à-tête. I'd love to get to know not just your company and business offering, but also you, and your vision for your brand, website, or campaign.


We'll outline the project using my specially designed brief, or your own in-house template if you prefer. We'll cross the I's, dot the T's—then you just leave the rest to me.

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Over the next day or so, my nearest and dearest won't see me much. I'll be holed up in the office into the small hours, smoke gently wafting from the keyboard as I draft, write, rewrite—then delete the entire thing and start over.

I do not stop until I've written the best possible content for your brand—but it won't take me long. The key weapon in my arsenal is that I write fast—and with inimitable flair. What's more, you can follow my progress in the live doc, and critique whatever you want in real time using the comment function.

Any standard piece of work will be done in 3–5 days, but for a 24-hour premium I'll switch on the jet propulsion system and turn around immediate-priority content by the time you've had a good night's sleep.

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I offer a maximum of two rounds of editing—but I rarely need 'em. My research is rigorous, my attention to detail meticulous, and my understanding of what you need totally intuitive.

And if you've booked me for a longer-term blog series or creative campaign, I'm heading right back to step one. I'll emerge from my cave again in a day or two, empty cafetiere in one hand—and your brand-new content in the other.

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